Zambia & Zimbabwe, Chapter 2: Victoria Falls

Zambia & Zimbabwe, Chapter 2: Victoria Falls

Notes from my recent trip – organized and hosted by Wilderness Safaris.

The Victoria Falls area really does have something for everyone to do offering bungee jumping, zip lining, safaris, elephant rides, golf, fishing, rafting, gorge swinging, heli flips, micro lighting, a visit to the lip of the Falls, walking tour of the Falls, fixed wing flights, shopping, boating and more.

Two nights is not enough time, but that’s what we had so we made the most of it, and we packed in as much as we could, taking advantage of opportunities on both the Zambian side and the Zimbabwean side of the Falls.

We had to fit in an adrenaline experience, and micro lighting was it. I was a “newbie” at this as were my companions so it was a first time experience to this activity, and we were all thrilled to get the opportunity.  It was all very professionally organized on the ground and then it was time to take off. The pilot briefed me on the safety aspect and off we went.  There is a microphone in the helmet so there is a continual dialogue with the pilot who points things out along the way.   There is also a camera fixed on the wing taking photos along the trip so that there is proof that I did in fact take the trip (optional and additional cost).  This was an absolutely superb way to view the Falls, and one I would recommend to everyone.  I have a terrible fear of heights, but I managed this with no problem whatsoever; I think if I could do it, anyone could.  Just being up there open to the breeze, and the sun (rather than being enclosed in something) made it all the more real, and because the flight is relatively low it really did provide, literally, a birds’ eye view of everything. Well worth doing!

In addition we spent time at a local village that is sponsored by Wilderness Safaris, went shopping to the craft stalls as well as to the market visited by the locals, took a tour of the Falls, and ended another wonderful fun, educational day with a Sundowner Cruise on the River.