Whale watching on safari

You go on safari to see the Big Five: the lions, the African elephants, the cape buffalo, the leopards, and the rhinoceroses. Then there are the birds, the giraffes, the zebras, the warthogs, the wildebeest, and all the other birds and beasts that teem across the plains. But what’s bigger than the big five? What dwarfs even elephants?

Whales, of course: the sometimes-forgotten giant of the deep. Now, you can quite feasibly see all of these magnificent creatures on a single journey. & Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve is perfectly situated to offer wildlife viewing on both land and water. Now, in addition to morning and afternoon game drives and a plethora of other adventures, guests to the reserve can also enjoy two to five-hour, boat-based whale viewing expeditions at nearby Sodwana Bay in South Africa.

Travelers to this part of the world might spot acrobatic humpback whales or graceful Bryde’s whales as they breach above the surface of the water. Viewing is best from June to October, as these gentle sea giants bask in the warm Indian Ocean waters as part of their migration.

We love that &Beyond has added this incredible experience to their portfolio of activities. This would be a great way for people who have already been on safari to add a new dimension to their next African adventure.

(Photo: Encyclopedia Brittanica Advocate for Animals)

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