TSA opens Pre✓™ to International Travelers

TSA opens Pre✓™ to International Travelers

Some news that’s been eagerly anticipated by business travelers whose jobs take them abroad: the TSA has expanded its Pre✓™ program to international flights.

Amid the cutbacks and furloughs that have been snarling travel plans over the past few weeks, this is a step towards efficiency in airports that we sorely need right now.

Beginning tomorrow, May 7, TSA Pre✓™ participants can use their pre-screened status while passing through security for select international travel itineraries, the TSA announced today. Participating airlines are Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and US Airways. The program is currently in place at 40 US airports.

TSA Pre✓™ travelers enjoy the perk of breezing through security checkpoints without removing belts, shoes, and outerwear, and leaving liquids and laptops packed. Adding an international component to the program means that travelers arriving in the US may use the Pre✓™ lanes when connecting to a domestic flight after passing through customs. (And you’ll positively zip by the whole process when using it in conjunction with the Global Entry program!)

TSA Administrator John S. Pistole said that this move represents a “commitment to identifying innovative ways to securely move travelers more quickly through our airports.”

We’re looking forward to the continued success of these programs. Ask your FROSCH agent for more information about how to enroll.