Travel Tech @ FROSCH

Travel Tech @ FROSCH

Hello everyone,

I am the VP, Engineering at FROSCH and I am starting a travel technology series here at FROSCH Insider!

At the outset, some confessions: I am not a travel industry expert by any means. My knowledge of the nuances and the methods, tools and technologies has only been acquired in the past couple of years. In that sense I am a student of travel. I do have the skills and experience in vast array of technologies all of which are applied to travel.  With the onset of an internet economy, the technology applications to travel are pretty profound.  In some ways I am an outsider who is looking at the paradigm shifts that are happening in our industry and trying to correlate to other industries like banking, energy, or retail commerce.

Why am I writing a new series focused on travel technology?

Travel & leisure account for one of the biggest industries in the world.  Technology and the evolution of it, in the past few years, are changing the way consumers expect and experience travel.  I felt giving that unique technology perspective from a travel company side may also interest many of you.

In this blog, I will keep you informed with what’s going on in the world of travel technology with an eye towards FROSCH’s core competencies in business and corporate travel.  I will make points and counter points, write about news specifically travel technology happenings.  I will write about the GDS, Google’s recent forays into travel, online booking, travel risk management tools, travel on the go (mobile) and various other things that are interest to business travel such as single sign-on, expense tracking, travel reporting, etc.

Do check back this page often as I will try to write about once a month or when I can get away for a couple of hours from architecting, analyzing or coding FROSCH’s next generation travel tools.

Stay tuned!

By Sridhar Balaji