Travel 101

Travel 101

As a recent college graduate, prior to working with FROSCH I myself had booked and looked for trip quotes using online booking engines. I became very familiar with all the available online tools and spent hours comparing prices that fit my friends and my budget.

Once I joined FROSCH, however, everything I found out about travel was intro-level compared to the vast amount of knowledge the agents in the office have. I was introduced to cruise lines I never even knew existed; I watched presentations about properties located in the most exotic places our earth has to offer. Nevertheless, the service my colleagues provide for their clients is better than any service I encountered booking vacation trips on my own.

What distinguishes FROSCH from the rest of its competitors? (This is what most young adults ask.)  The answer is that when you contact our office, a real person answers! Using automated services, waiting on the line to speak with a representative is time consuming and unreliable. Using popular search engine sites might seem convenient and more efficient, but do those who purchase vacations and air through those services really know who is collecting their credit card information? What about human error?

FROSCH’s agents welcome all clients and offer expert advice to fit the client’s needs. Once the trip is booked, the agent makes sure their client receives all authorization forms, as well as follows up with the client when they return. Now, in my opinion I can definitely trust my personal information and trip success with that kind of service.

By Shani (Olga) Shtern