Tracy Arm and Sawyer Glacier, Alaska

Tracy Arm Fjord is perhaps one of the most dramatic locations in all of North America. Completely protected within the Tongass National Forest, this fjord stretches some 25 miles up into the Coastal Range Mountains.

Tracy Arm Fjord is home to Sawyer Glacier. Though it’s not as well known as Glacier Bay or Hubbard Glacier, several naturalists feel Sawyer Glacier is even more spectacular. Framed by 7000-foot-high snowcapped mountains which drop immediately to sea level, the area is surrounded by sheer 1500- to 2000-foot walls of granite falling into the extremely narrow passage, creating countless waterfalls and strange rock formations covered in forest, and trees hanging on to precipices at impossible angles.

Sawyer Glacier boasts an impressive list of wildlife: black and brown bears, deer, wolves and moose. This narrow, 26-mile-long fjord is another of Alaska’s most dramatic glacier settings. The panorama of 7000-foot mountain peaks and nearly vertical rock cliffs is astounding. Countless waterfalls appear at every turn. Icebergs make their way to the sea in all sorts of incredible shapes. And tucked away at the end of this remarkable waterway are two very active reminders of the Ice Ageā€”the twin Sawyer Glaciers.

The face of South Sawyer Glacier stretches a third of a mile and calves icebergs big and small. Hundreds of harbor seals dot the floating platforms. Kittiwakes and mountain goats are a common sight. Whales and bears may even make an appearance in this magical place where closeness and intimacy make you part of the scene.

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Guest post by Sharon Everett of Celebrity Cruises.

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