This Week in Travel

This Week in Travel

Eiffel Tower Gets New Glass Floor
As the tower celebrates its 125th anniversary, it unveiled its newest feature: a glass floor almost 200 feet above ground.
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Virgin Atlantic To Scrap Little Red Domestic Service
Virgin Atlantic said its domestic short-haul unit, Little Red, would cease operations in 2015, just over two years after it was launched.
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Contiki Kicks Off Inaugural Challenge For Change Charity Event
Fueled by a passion for adventure and desire to leave little impact on the places we visit, Contiki launched its inaugural “Challenge for Change” charity cycle ride to raise funds for the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity and The Thirst Project.
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Design a Classic Travel Poster With the Ritz-Carlton App
Ritz-Carlton knows the value of a photo is not only its aesthetic quality, but in the memory that it prompts. Enhancements to the luxury hotel company’s app now allows the creation of personalized travel posters on smart phones and tablets to all Ritz-Carlton App users.
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Ebola and air travel: What to expect
U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officials will step up monitoring for Ebola symptoms at five U.S. airports. The change will affect certain passengers arriving to the U.S. on international flights as they clear Customs upon arrival.
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How Lufthansa Cares for Passengers’ Medical Needs
Take a look inside of Lufthansa’s Patient Transport Compartment, the “flying ICU”. Not only is the airline well prepared for any emergency that may arise in flight, they are also ready to treat those who need care before they board the aircraft.
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Blue Ribbon Bags: Alleviating Clients’ Worries About Lost Luggage
Blue Ribbon Bags, a company founded in 2011 that guarantees payouts to clients for lost luggage, launched the Blue Ribbon Bags Red App through the Sabre Red Workplace to offer travel agents an extra worry free service for their clients.
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