This Week in Travel

This Week in Travel

Egypt’s Plans to Revive Tourism Sector
Egypt’s Tourism Minster hopes to see tourism return to Egypt with plans to show the world that Egypt is safe and fun to visit anytime.
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Los Angeles airport makeover about to get painful
A multibillion-dollar renovation at LAX will start to affect passengers as improvements to roads and terminals begin.
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Where do you go on family vacations?
Blogger Joanna Goddard compiled a list of nine families’ favorite summer vacation spots, plus tips on traveling with kids and forging family bonds through travel.
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Inmarsat to Provide Free Tracking after MH370
The firm that helped in the search for Malaysia Airline’s flight MH370 will offer free, basic tracking services to airlines globally.
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6 New Caribbean Hot Spots
Sparkling-new retreats ready to be discovered on your next island vacation.
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Credit card travel tips: seven things you need to know
Internationally and nationally, become familiar with the Do’s and Don’ts of using your credit card while traveling.
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World Cup: Lufthansa becomes Fanhansa
Lufthansa will swap a total of eight aircraft well-known lettering for the new “Fanhansa” logo to provide World Cup fans best flying atmosphere  and pure football fever.
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