The Lush of the Irish

The Lush of the Irish

What do whiskey and beer have in common? The obvious answer: alcohol.  However, the relationship between these malted beverages goes deeper.  If you find yourself traveling to the land of the shamrock, you can venture to a whiskey distillery and a beer factory in just one day.  In the center of Dublin, Ireland’s capital, the Guinness Storehouse and the Old Jameson Distillery are within walking distance of each other.  I personally journeyed on this stroll, and these two destinations are must-sees in Dublin.

Let me begin with one of the world’s oldest beverages: beer.  Dublin is the birthplace of Guinness. The dark roasted beer is renowned worldwide for its smooth flavor and iconic advertisements.  The Guinness Storehouse takes you on a journey from bottom to top! You begin at street level observing the brewing of simple ingredients: water, hops, yeast, and barley. The journey ends at the top floor gravity bar with the most spectacular views of Dublin.  The tour introduces you to the fermentation, production, transportation, and advertising progression of Guinness.  Tourists are familiarized to these processes by means of virtual tutorials and interactive exhibits. In my opinion, the best part of the tour is the conclusion: a pint of Guinness waiting for your first sip.  If you have a sweet tooth like me, I highly recommend asking for a hint of black currant in your Guinness.  This adds a sweet twist to the dry stout.

Walk 18 minutes down the road, turn a few corners and you will find yourself at the Old Jameson Distillery.  The Old Jameson Distillery walks you through the process of the malting, fermenting and distilling of Jameson whiskey through replicated displays and hands-on experiences similar to the Guinness tour.  Of course, the tour ends with a whiskey tasting.  The distillery goes to great lengths by selecting a few guests from each group to further their tasting practice.  Two of my friends had this opportunity, and I encourage you to raise your hand and volunteer if you pay a visit to the distillery.  The tasters must try different types of whiskey and differentiate between them in order to become a Qualified Irish Whiskey Taster!

The Guinness Storehouse tickets are priced at about $21.00, and Jameson tickets are priced at about $17.00.   For under $40.00 you can experience a day of Irish tradition and tasting!

By Samantha Sultzer