The Art of River Cruising

The Art of River Cruising

One of the travel industry’s biggest growth area is river cruising. Over the past decade, the number of river-going passenger vessels has multiplied, due to companies such as Uniworld and Viking who have added dozens of new luxury barges to their fleets to keep up with demand.

For travelers, the appeal lies in the ease of this type of vacation. On a river cruise, you can visit three or more countries without packing and unpacking, no fighting your way multiple times through airport security and  finding a cab to another hotel. Instead, you can relax as you watch the world float by; it’s fascinating to see the traffic on European rivers. Every day you tie up at a new destination close to the city center so that you can simply walk into town and explore. The new river boats have balconies, alternative dining venues,  and cabins that offer every convenience and luxury. The real joy comes from the ever-changing scenery of both the river traffic passing by and the land sights as you are passing by.

Photo: Aqua Expeditions

Although Europe is the classic destination for river cruising, this type of travel also opens doors to more exotic destinations. Aqua Expeditions offers adventurous itineraries to the Amazon on its duo of ultra luxurious ships. You can even see Egypt the way ancient pharaohs once did: from between the banks of the Nile.  Or see how ancient and modern China intersect as you cruise up the Yangtze.It’s a unique way to see a new part of the world without sacrificing comfort and safety.

The best part of river cruising is that it allows you to visit a variety of destinations without constantly boarding planes and dealing with lines and traffic. It transforms travel back to what it once was: relaxing and enjoyable.

By Ralph Cooper