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It’s time for another blog… here what’s new in the world of travel that has caught my attention recently:

Hobart Wharf, Creative Commons photo by bratha
Tasmania is a unique destination and certainly worth adding to your trip to Australia. It has a similar feel to New Zealand’s North Island in its isolation and natural beauty. There are a number of good “eco-luxe” hotels on the island, such as the Saffire, and an abundance of marine wildlife viewing opportunities.  Be sure to take a side excursion to Brunart Island and Adventure Bay on the ferry, and visit Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art, which opened in January 2011. 
Traveling during the off-season
You might have to trade warm weather for  uncrowded streets and monuments, but it’s definitely worth it to visit popular destinations during the off-season.  In top Italian cities, which can get overrun by tourists, you get the chance to experience the destination like a local if you go during the quiet periods of spring and fall. Pedestrian areas like Florence’s Piazzale Michaelangelo or San Fresiano on the Oltr’Arno are transformed in the absence of crowds.  
Hotel F
The Bauer collection has just expanded to include Giudecca Island’s Hotel F, a chic and contemporary upgrade from its sister property down the street. It’s made up of fully serviced apartments, with a garden and meditation pool accentuating the locale’s serenity.
Genealogical Travels
Many travelers these days are seeking out their ancestral roots and building their vacation itineraries in the footprints of their forebears.  You do your genealogy research beforehand, then stop in at the local village courthouses or churches of your great- great- great- grandparents to see whatever original documents, marriage or birth certificates, that might still exist. It’s a fascinating way to “find yourself through travel” and experience a sense of belonging in a new land.
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by Richard Leibman, Chairman