Puerto Rico: Isla del Encanto

Puerto Rico: Isla del Encanto

Puerto Rico … The Enchanted Island. Many people have heard this term used before. But if you have not let me just share a little something with you.  Puerto Rico!  It’s known for the beautiful, warm, inviting and welcoming people. And we can’t forget about the delicious mouthwatering Puerto Rican food.  That tasty “arroz con gandules ” (rice with peas), habichuelas rojas, (red beans) pernil al horno con chicharon (pork with the crunchy skin) and the famous “mofongo,”  a strange looking round ball made out of mashed plantains, which can be filled or covered in sumptous garlic shrimp, chicken, crab meat with squid in a olive oil and vinegar dressing… mmhh… just thinking about it makes my mouth water. And the wonderful pastelillos and alcapurrias (dough turnovers filled with meat, chicken, pork, cheese and anything you can imagine) found all over the island in small little manmade kiosks!

Cliffs and Lighthouse in Cabo Rojo


Puerto Rico at Christmas

Puerto Rico is an island filled with a plethora of architectual beauty, culture and essence. From its steep cliffhanging hills, mountains, white sandy beaches, soaring waves in some of the most amazing surf beaches, pueblos (town centers or town squares) to the very happy streets at each city village.  There’s  truly something to do for everyone.  If you prefer to shop, then Puerto Rico has the largest mall in the Carribbean called Plaza Las Americas. And if you can’t get to Plaza, don’t worry: every town or city center has  shops and outlets and more outlets. Puerto Rico is also known for the largest arial park in the Northern Hemisphere with Toro Verde National Park right in the middle of the Island in a city called Orocovis. Enjoy a day in the sky as you go through zip lines and fly through the air!

Old San Juan City

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures and then close your eyes and imagine yourself there. Now wouldn’t that be nice?