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Foam heart atop a flat white.  Matakauri.

How does one describe what’s it’s like to just finish one amazing meal, only to be immediately looking forward to the next? Not because of hunger- because you are most certainly full and satisfied- but because the meals are just that good. So, what is it that makes New Zealand’s cuisine so desirable? Here’s a break down:

1. Local: A very common thread that ties each region’s unique cuisine together, it seems every place you dine in New Zealand is highly conscious of where the food comes from. Most (if not all) meals we enjoyed- whether at restaurants, lodges, resorts, or hotels- served only the freshest, most local meats, cheeses, produce, and wines. In many cases, the produce even came directly from the properties’ on-site gardens, such as at Matakauri, Wharekauhau, Cape Kidnappers, and Edenhouse.

This dish of fresh tomatoes, grilled local cheese, local field greens, and balsamic vinaigrette. Simple, but so fresh and delicious! Wharekauhau Farm and Country Estate.
2. Presentation: Kiwi chefs have a serious knack for not only preparing amazing food, but turning that food into delicious works of art. Whether its a beautiful design left in the foam atop your flat white (a not-to-be-missed, high-octane coffee treat), or a splatter of raspberry simple syrup to garnish your delish double chocolate torte, condensed milk ice cream, and fresh strawberries, some of these dishes are almost too pretty to eat.

As if dessert wasn’t tempting enough already! Wharekauhau.
3. Variety: For being a relatively small country, it’s truly impressive just how many culinary options New Zealand boasts. A large part of this may be attributed to the diversity of the geography and climate from one region to another, enabling the production of lamb, beef, venison, poultry, seafood, dairy, and a wide variety of produce, along with wine, beer, and coffee. Each region seems to have it’s own niche and each season brings a vast assortment of gastronomic offerings, sure to please even the pickiest of palates.

Delicious lamb chops

 Famous New Zealand green-lipped mussels
Add to all of this the option to dine in some of the most amazing atmospheres (from candlelit wine cellars to open air patios and luxe dining rooms to quaint sidewalk cafes), and that famous Kiwi charm and service, and it’s no wonder eating in New Zealand is such a pleasure! 
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