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Our travel consultants are some of the most well-traveled, savvy agents in the industry. They know everything about travel, from the most luxurious hotels to rest your head, to the best spas to pamper you, the swankiest spots to party the night away, the most unique tourist attractions and most importantly, how to craft an itinerary that’s not only a trip of their clients’ dreams, but a stress-free escape from the real world.


FROSCH Insider aims to share this bank of knowledge with you. With the help of the following contributors, we are able to bring you a blog with some of the juiciest travel industry tips, tricks and secrets.

Debra Burman-Gisby
My name is Debra Burman-Gisby, and I do Corporate, Incentive, and Luxury Leisure Travel out of the FROSCH Deerfield Office.   Prior to having a family I worked many years as a Corporate Executive for Rockwell International and Genesys Labs,  and have lived and traveled around the world for business and pleasure.  The subjects for my blog are from the benefit of my past experiences as I was the worlds toughest to please business traveler (and that was when flying was fun!) My sister owned 5 agencies in the midwest before the paradigm shifted in the travel industry, which is where I learned this business.  My bucket list includes an African Safari, French Polynesia, and the Orient Express.

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Jean Campbell
One day I saw a billboard for “travel school”. I signed up, and over the next several months completed the course with no idea where the plan of  action would take me. It ultimately took me to two different tour
companies, and then to FROSCH where I have been for almost 10 years now!!  Somewhere in those same years I completed my CTC (Certified Travel Counselor), and my Associates degree in Travel and Tourism among other things. My role at FROSCH is a leisure consultant. Planning African safaris has been my predominant role over the last 16 years or so, but I am just as happy when working with clients planning to go to other destinations also.

Throughout my working life, all of my jobs have been within the hospitality industry in some capacity. I love the diversity of the industry and the fact that no two days are ever the same; of course that is also the  challenge, it is constantly changing. I think to some degree it’s the  whole process I enjoy, and each destination offers it’s own charm and appeal. It is fascinating to be constantly exposed to and learning about new places and interests. Scotland is my beloved homeland, and I try to go back there as much as possible. As far as where I might go next? There’s a  whole wide world out there, and I hope to see lots more of it.

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Jamie DeJean

Jenna Storey
I grew up in a world of travel and loved every minute of it. With my dad’s family living in the United Kingdom and my mom working in international tax, I became adept at navigating airports when I still had Barbie on my suitcase.

Through the years, my love of the travel and hospitality industry has never diminished. I went on to study Hospitality Management at Texas Tech University. During my studies, I completed an internship at Walt Disney World and remain a seasonal cast member for two years by working most of my holidays. I never imagined I would end up at a travel agency. I began at FROSCH as an assistant, and still am while I am developing my own client list.

I love creating and participating in scavenger hunts, in fact I believe the Houston based hunt I was developing for my birthday party was the reason I got the job! My dream would be a world-wide scavenger hunt. For now the next places on my must hunt list are Thailand, Italy, and Greece.

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Lisa Hulbert

Ralph Cooper

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Without the above contributors, FROSCH Insider would not be such a wealth of information — but without the team below, there would be no FROSCH Insider!

Janna Schulze
I’m part of the marketing team here at FROSCH. I’m the main voice behind FROSCH Insider, plus I take care of updating the travel specials over at and keeping our social media pages up to date!

I majored in International Studies and French at Texas A&M, but I never thought I would end up working at a travel agency. For one thing, I wasn’t aware they still existed before a friend told me to apply at FROSCH! I started out as an assistant to an agent here in the Houston office. After a few months I was asked to develop a social media presence for the company. It’s an exciting project; I really enjoy the research and creative parts of my job.

My top travel cravings these days: seeing the Northern Lights, road-tripping across the American West, and night diving in Thailand. Who wants to go?

Samantha Tautz
I started working at FROSCH in the NY Headquarters as the Receptionist — that was more than four years ago and since then, so much has changed! Now I’m a proud part of FROSCH’s nationwide marketing team, assisting in all aspects of design, branding, social media, print & collateral and advertising.

As someone who didn’t realize travel agencies still existed when I first started in the industry, I think it’s very important to educate the masses on how wonderful working with one to plan your trip (be it business or leisure!) can be. Who better than help guide you on your next excursion than someone who has been there before?

In the four years that I’ve been here — I have definitely caught the ‘travel bug.’ The opportunities that I’ve had, through FROSCH, to travel have been amazing; my first trans-atlantic trip (the amazing city of London) was even with FROSCH! I look forward to continuing my journey here at FROSCH: seeing new places, evolving in my role, learning and sharing more about this amazing industry and seeing FROSCH continue to grow.

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