London Olympics: the athletes arrive

London Olympics: the athletes arrive

The Olympians have arrived. Crowds are growing Heathrow, Olympic Village is starting to teem with toned bodies, and traffic is starting to back up, all amidst a chilly London drizzle.

Expect enhanced security in airports and beyond, including police sniffer dogs checking for illicit materials. The BBC reports that Heathrow is expected to break its passenger record today, with 236,955 passengers streaming in in advance of the opening ceremony next Friday.

A bit of practical advice from the Beeb:

Warning: If you are nothing to do with the Olympics and are flying into Heathrow in the next few days, don’t wear a track suit.

Anyone resembling an athlete is jumped on by the waiting media. “What do you think of London? How excited are you about the Games?” “Er… I’m just back from my gap year.”