Jelly Invasion Mars Mediterranean beaches

Jelly Invasion Mars Mediterranean beaches

A plague of jellyfish has hit the Mediterranean this summer, driving beachgoers and tourists away from the sun-soaked shores. Scientists have proposed a number of reasons for the infestation: overfishing, global warming, or the influx of an invasive species from the Red Sea. Whatever the cause, it means a slow season for this quintessential vacation region.

Some beach officials along the Mediterranean coast are taking steps to control the jellyfish. In Israel, scientists are trying to develop a method to interfere with the jellyfish using sound frequencies. Not all of the jellyfish in the Mediterranean will sting, but they still make for less-than-pleasant swimming companions. Some people are cutting their vacations short in order to avoid the jellyfish. Rather than letting some sea creatures that aren’t especially good at sharing your swimming space ruin your vacation, there are other ways to enjoy the water!

Il Pellicano

Many hotels along the Mediterranean coast have fantastic swimming pools. If you happen to be in a region where the jellyfish are especially numerous that day, head to the pool to relax.  On the Italian coast just two hours by train from Rome, Il Pellicano (A FROSCH Preferred Hotel) has a heated saltwater swimming pool.  While relaxing in the warm water, smelling the salt water and looking out over the Mediterranean, you may even forget that you’re not in the sea.  The Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort  boasts a sandy-bottom lagoon-style pool, giving you a beach experience without any of those pesky jellies.

Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort


By Mary Therese Malone