I Am Packed

I Am Packed is the latest in Air New Zealand‘s impressive list of clever social marketing initiatives. This time, they’re asking travelers to dump out their suitcases and share with the world the essentials they carry. Right now the entries are skewing pretty heavily towards the– dare I say it– hipster end of things. Very minimalist, lots of American Apparel t-shirts, Moleskine notebooks, and Bret Easton Ellis books.

I have my own story about sharing the contents of my suitcase with the world. It was before airlines started to charge for all checked luggage– but there was a fee for overweight bags. I was leaving for a 3-week study abroad trip and I had packed all my earthly belongings into two enormous suitcases, weighing them at home to make sure they weren’t too heavy. But apparently, my scales at home were wrong. So I ended up on the floor, frantically transferring items from one suitcase to the other, sharing with the world exactly which brand of underwear I prefer. Mortifying! It taught me a valuable lesson about the virtues of packing light. Years later, a TSA agent checking my carry-on complimented me on my organization– this on a return leg, so my suitcase was full of dirty laundry– so I feel I’ve come a really long way.

Here are a few more resources for effective luggage organization, in case the linked photos leave you high and dry and without a toothbrush:

What are your tips and tricks for packing? Would you ever share a photo of the contents of your suitcase with the world? Leave a comment below and let us know!

(Photo: iampacked.com)

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