G Adventures: Travel that Gives Back

G Adventures: Travel that Gives Back

Adventure travel.  Small groups.  Authentic cultural experience.  These are just a few phrases that could be used to describe G Adventures.  Started in 1990, G Adventures is passionate about being a different kind of travel company – one that focuses on providing adventure travel while building sustainable tourism to improve the places to which they travel.

Their small group trips average 12 people, plus your CEO  – chief experience officer – who travels with you and guides the group every step of the way.

G Adventures offers many different trips all over the world.  There are different travel styles, from YOLO (“you only live once”) tours that are designed for the young and energetic travelers, to comfort tours which provide “upgraded accommodations,” to family oriented trips.   With G Adventures, you have your pick of the world: go camping in South Africa, or sail through the Greek islands on a small yacht, or maybe travel throughout Asia, visiting small villages and exploring the countryside.

One aspect of G Adventures that has really struck me in working with them is their commitment to giving back in the communities where they travel.  As part of their tour offers in Cambodia, G Adventures gives you the opportunity to volunteer for a few days in their New Hope project, which provides locals with free education and an opportunity to learn new skills.

Looptail – Planeterra: New Hope Cambodia from G Adventures on Vimeo.

This is just one of G Adventures many projects which works with the locals to help them improve their situation.  On many of their trips, your guide in a particular city could be someone whom G Adventures has helped, or your restaurant for lunch could be one like the New Hope project.  By traveling with G Adventures, you are also supporting these projects.

When you travel, you have the incredible opportunity to experience new cultures and to see the world.  When you travel with G Adventures, not only do you have an incredible trip, but you have the opportunity to help others change their lives for the better.  Make a difference – one trip at a time.

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By Mary Therese Malone