France’s wine country with Spec’s

France’s wine country with Spec’s

I was recently fortunate to escort a group of 30 true oenophiles to France to visit Paris as well as the Champagne and Bordeaux wine regions. This tour was hosted by the fine wine buyer from Spec’s Wines, Liquors and Finer Foods, Charles M. “Bear” Dalton.

Bear took his “cubs” (as they are affectionately known) on an incredible wine journey. We spent two days in Champagne, five days in Bordeaux and three days in Paris. We were lucky to be hosted by the owners of some of France’s best wineries!

Bear’s close relationship with these vintners over the years afforded us experiences that are not available to most travelers. For example, our very first stop in Champagne was at Maison Krug. As the bus drove up, waiting for us with a huge smile was Olivier Krug, owner/producer of this world famous champagne. He personally led us on a tour of every aspect of their production and then allowed us to taste a selection of vintages. This was a visit we will never forget. We also visited Lancelot Royer, Andre Clouet and Bonnaire as well as Dom Perignon, Forget Brimont and JP Marniquet.  We were treated not only to tours and wine tasting but to marvelous dinners and lunches, all presented with the artistry and hearty goodness of la cuisine française.

Words can’t describe how special this trip was, but from the day we announced the trip, it was sold out in 72 hours! Mr. Dalton will be hosting a trip to Argentina and Chile in late August 2013. We know it will be just as successful, this time to include visits to the magnificent lakes and glaciers of Patagonia as well as winery visits!

By Sarah Donaho