Fall Foliage & Photography on the Durango & Silverton Railroad

Fall Foliage & Photography on the Durango & Silverton Railroad

For many people, fall is their favorite season.  Autumn brings to mind cooler days, harvest festivals, and, of course, landscapes that are dramatically different as the leaves change color and fall to the ground.  For photographers especially this is an excellent opportunity to get outside and enjoy the cooler temperatures and the gorgeous colors.  Plan a trip to southern Colorado and soak in the fall colors in the beautiful San Juan Mountains.

The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the scenery.  At any time of the year, the Durango area is breathtaking and offers a variety of outdoor experiences, including hiking, whitewater rafting, fishing, and taking tours of the nearby mines.   On September 28th and 29th, the Durango & Silverton Railroad offers a special fall experience.

Board the 24th annual Fall Photographer Train and have your camera ready for some breathtaking shots.  Not only will you be able to see the San Juan Mountains decked out in all their fall finery, but you will have chances to get the famous Durango & Silverton train in the photos as well.  At multiple drop-off points, the train will stop, let the passengers off, and then back up.  The train then starts again and comes past the photographers who are ready and waiting to get that perfect shot.   This gives the photographers, whether professionals or amateurs, a chance to get a photo of the train as it comes past them with the beautiful fall scenery in the background.

Or, if you would like to experience the fall scenery in an even more intense way, the Durango & Silverton Railroad also offers zip line experiences.  Accessible only by train, this zip line is 1,400 feet long and crosses the Animas River in ten different places.  Turn a weekend get-away into an unforgettable experience by soaking up the breathtaking fall scenery in the southern mountains of Colorado with a trip on the Fall Photographer Train or a zip line, or both!

To book this trip please contact your local FROSCH agent. Be sure to pack a light jacket, as the evenings and early mornings may be cool!

By Mary Therese Malone