China: Off the beaten path

China: Off the beaten path

Sometimes, getting off the beaten path can make all the difference when you travel. Case in point: visiting the Great Wall of China. At the most popular tourist destinations, it can get crowded. But if you head to a less visited area you just might have it all to yourself. That’s how FROSCH clients Debbi and Steve experienced it when they visited the  Mutianyu section.

They’ve been so kind as to share a few of their photos from their recent trip with Asia Pacific Tours. They also visited a monastery in Yunnan and spent some time with the Naxi People, a matriarchal society that inhabits the foothills of the Himalayas.

Taken at Yufeng Temple.

Steve, interacting with monks at local monastery in Yunnan. He is doing slight of hand…and the fellows are enjoying it so. This is always a memory made and never forgotten!

A big thanks to Debbi and Steve for sharing these photos!

By Karin Hansen