Cave Diving in the Yucatan

Cave Diving in the Yucatan

Deep beneath the Yucatan Peninsula lies an extensive system of caves and aquifers. Trekking through the jungle, you may come across a cenote, or sinkhole, that exposes this underground world to the surface in a mysterious combination of sunlight and shadows, foliage and swirling waters.

Cenotes are not only a principal source of fresh water, they’re also central to the traditional Mayan belief system. They were believed to be the portals to the afterlife and played a role in human sacrifice rites.

It’s easy to visit these geographical formations with a day tour from Playa del Carmen or other Yucatan destination. At some, swimming is allowed, with stairs and diving platforms built into the rocks of the cliffs amidst waterfalls. For the experienced scuba divers (and the truly adventurous), cave diving is the ultimate test of bravery, and an incredible way to see stalagmites, stalactites, and who knows what else in the depths and darkness of the caves.

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