Back to School with FROSCH Student Travel

Back to School with FROSCH Student Travel

It’s back to school season, and for many students, that means jetting off for a semester abroad. Many of us here at FROSCH first caught the travel bug on our study abroad experiences back in college and still hold fond memories of that time. We spoke with Angela Scott of our Student Travel division in Burlingame, California, to discuss how students can make the most of their travels.

FROSCH Student Travel specialists work with both students individually, as well as study abroad faculties from universities across the country. From booking airfare and arranging room accommodations, this team also offers 24/7 support for issues that may arise in a student travel situation.

Why study abroad? Angela says that the long-term benefits are too numerous to count. “It’s a huge lesson in perspective. Aside from the language-learning opportunities to be had, students who study abroad return with the realization that there really is more to the world than just the town or state that they came from. When they come home, they are ready to enter the global workforce with a new set of cultural skills.”

What factors should a student consider when deciding where to study abroad?
Students have many factors to look at when deciding where to study abroad.  When we are working with students at this stage, we try to determine what they are looking to get out of a program: do they want to study a language, are they interested in a particular cultural experience, or do they just want to have  a new, global experience?

Next, what program does the student’s university offer?  Larger universities offer a more varied menu of countries to visit.  Sometimes, students have to go beyond their university and study aboard through a consortium like University Study Abroad Consortium (USAC), a FROSCH client and group we highly recommend, that offers educational credits and a comprehensive list of study abroad programs throughout the world.

What are some ways that students can stretch their student budgets when studying abroad?
Buy student airfare, which offers some flexibility and lower fees for changes while abroad. These tickets are good for a year, sometimes more.  Our agents specialize in these tickets.

International Student ID Cards (ISIC) offer discounts around the world on all kinds of products and activities, certain types of travel insurance, and SIM cards for international cell phones.

Don’t stay in hotels; stay in hostels.  You’ll meet other young people, and they’re much cheaper.

You’ll find that using the local train and bus systems are affordable, but the local airlines can also be affordable in some places.  Some of the local airlines that hop around inside of Europe and Asia offer quick and affordable ways to go on weekend trips.

What advice do you offer to students and parents who are worried about culture shock?
Make sure to go with the flow.  You know the saying, “when in Rome…!” Students will get homesick and find themselves a bit out of place at times.  That is just part of the journey.  Don’t let it deter you! Try to find a lesson in the experience and move on, making the most of your time there.