Around the World: Gina’s Travel Diaries

Around the World: Gina’s Travel Diaries

Move over, Magellan! Gina Kemper, a FROSCH Leisure agent in our Denver office, just completed an around-the-world journey with Ker & Downey, one of our preferred tour operators. We’re sharing some excerpts from her travelogue. Check back soon for more!

March 1 (Denver): Around the world… I still can’t believe it. Everything is finalized; we have our itineraries, and our suitcases are almost packed.  I am excited, nervous and anxious all rolled up into one.  I have learned a lot about preparing for a trip like this.  I have learned about shots, safety precautions, food, currency, visas, and entry and exit fees.  I can only imagine how much more I will learn while I am actually on this trip!

Auckland New ZealandMarch 5-7 (New Zealand): As our plane began to descend from a long trans-Pacific flight, I grew a little anxious: What to expect? But my worries were erased as soon as we touch down in Auckland and find our driver, who whisks us off to our hotel, the Sofitel. The hotel was beautiful and the people are amazingly friendly.  I have never seen so many sailing boats and racing Catamarans in my life!

The Farm at Cape Kidnappers, New ZealandThe next morning, we boarded a tiny plane for a short flight to Napier. I’m not a fan of little planes, but I’m all about expanding my horizons! We landed and drove to one of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen, the Farm at Cape Kidnappers, where we were told to treat this as our home—as though my home has a beautiful golf course and breathtaking ocean views, much less a sommelier and live music at dinner! We visited the cliff-side gannet colony, lounged by the pool, and hiked through lavender fields—two wonderful days.

Part 1: New Zealand
Part 2: Hong Kong
Part 3: Vietnam

Part 4: Dubai (coming soon)