Around the World: Gina’s Travel Diaries

Around the World: Gina’s Travel Diaries

Move over, Magellan! Gina Kemper, a FROSCH Leisure agent in our Denver office, just completed an around-the-world journey with Ker & Downey, one of our preferred tour operators. We’re sharing some excerpts from her travelogue. Check back soon for more!

March 15-17 (UAE): In Dubai, everything is the biggest and the best. There’s the world’s tallest tower (which housed our hotel,Burj Khalifa the Armani), the world’s biggest mall (with an entire level of shoes!), and the world’s largest dancing fountains (similar to the ones at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, but three times bigger!)

Our guide taught us a lot about the country as he showed us the sights, including the gold and spice souks and the Sheikh’s palace. The government really takes care of its people and offers a very high quality of life for residents of the U.A.E.

We went from Dubai to another region of the UAE and stayed two nights at the Banyan Tree Al Wadi Resort in the middle of the desert. The highlight here was the sunset camel ride! We spent our days at the beach: now this is the place I want to return to, beautiful sand beaches, warm clear water in the Arabian Sea, fringed by beautiful golf courses. This should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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