Agent Review: New York Zipline Adventure Tours

Agent Review: New York Zipline Adventure Tours

The Zipline Adventure Tours’ SkyRider Zipline is the fastest, longest, and highest Zipline Canopy Tour in North America – and the second-largest zipline in the world.

Picture yourself flying 50 miles per hour at 600 feet in the air. The wind is in your face, and hopefully no bugs in your teeth! This is ziplining. Jump into your harness and get ready for a ride through beautiful mountain scenery. Located in New York, at Hunter Mountain Resort, is New York Zipline. They provide thrilling adventures that include the Mid-Mountain Tour and SkyRider.  The Mid-Mountain Tour is great for kids, or anyone over 60 pounds. This tour includes 6 ziplines, 4 rope bridges, and 9 aerial tree platforms. The SkyRider Tour is the most extreme, with 4.6 miles of ziplines. You must be at least 110 pounds and over 10 years old.

We of course chose the SkyRider. Meeting at the base of the mountain, we got our harness and helmets on, and headed for the lift. After a short safety demonstration, we headed to the first zip. At 3,200 feet in elevation, the first zipline was 3,200 feet long. They asked that you get into the “cannonball” position, which means tucking your legs in close to your body. You were able to reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour! What a blast!!! Towards the end of the line, you open up and let your legs dangle in order to slow down a bit. They unhook you from the cable, and then you are off to the next one! My favorite part about all the zips is that you go tandem; there are two zips at every station, so you have the chance to race your friends!

All the zips were different. Some you got to “freestyle” on, which means you can twist around, go backwards, and whatever kind of maneuvers you can think of (except upside down). Some went pretty fast (up to 50 miles per hour), and others you were able to get a running start on. Overall it was an amazing 3 hour experience well worth the $119! I brought along a GoPro camera and was able to get some great footage. Check it out!

By Lauren Marinos