Agent Review: Borgo di Ceri, Italy

Agent Review: Borgo di Ceri, Italy

I am from Italy and I still love to travel there, anytime I have a chance. I have been to Rome many times and I still have a list of places to see around the area. This year I decided I was finally going to see some Etruscan Ruins, and stay north of Rome. I traveled  with a small group and wanted to stay in an apartment. I found a fabulous place in a town of 70 people, Borgo di Ceri.

Although it is not for people who want luxury, it’s in a great location. It’s near Cerveteri, about 25 minutes from Fiumicino. It’s also very close to Civitavecchia. There is a piazza with a church with amazing frescos, a grocery store, a bar and 2 restaurants (people from Rome love to dine here).

Lake Bracciano and the castle (Tom Cruise’s wedding location) are about one half hour away. We reached the Etruscan ruins of Cerveteri  in about 20 minutes.  About a half hour to the West, there is a Norman Castle, Castello di Santa Severa.

We had dinner at the restaurant on the beach, Isola del Pescatore. Great seafood!

I already booked a client at the Borgo di Ceri B&B! Enzo, the owner of the B&B, organized a car and driver for my client from Fiumicino, and an archeologist to guide visits to different sites. I am so excited about this place that I wanted to share some information.

Visitors feel like they are living in history! I think it would be a great place, even if just for dinner, for clients who stay in Rome, which  is a 45 minutes train ride from Ladispoli.


By Daniela DeGarbo