A foodie’s dream aboard Holland America Line

A foodie’s dream aboard Holland America Line

Cruise ship dining in the past has been something that wouldstrike fear into most foodies’ taste buds, conjuring up images of buffets and blandness.I am happy to say this is no longer the case. Cruise lines have caught on: while they do have a captive audience, their passengers are always lookingfor that something special, including drastically unique dining experiences.

HollandAmerica’s “An Evening at Le Cirque in the Pinnacle Grill” is a uniqueopportunity to experience a taste of the famed Le Cirque restaurant whileaboard their fleet of 15 ships. During most sailings, the ships, Pinnacle Grillis transformed into a Le Cirque-like atmosphere for at least one night. On thatevening, the menu, wine, table décor, and even the restaurant itself is morphedto create the most authentic Le Cirque experience possible. While reservationsare required and there is a charge, we highly recommended it for thefamed Le Cirque crème brûlée alone. Your meal will be served on the iconicorange Le Cirque china; you can expect to see all the legendary cuisine such asLobster Salas “Le Cirque”, Sweet Corn Soup, and Côte de Boeuf.

For thehands-on foodies, you’ve got the opportunity to learn how to serveup a Le Cirque-worthy meal at home with the demonstrations in the on-board CulinaryArts Center. It’s another excellent place to set your inner foodie loose. Theentire center is presented by Food & Wine Magazine, so the chefs, wineexperts, and cookbook authors are top notch. Kids & teens can getinvolved with classes of their own while their parents are off at a cookingclass, wine tasting and mixology lesson, or even a party planning presentation.This year, the classes and meals are sure to be of the utmost “carat” as HollandAmerica celebrates its diamond anniversary.

Holland America’s Glacier Discovery Cruise is featured on this month’s FROSCH Hot List. Ask your FROSCH travel agent how to book!

By Jenna Storey