6 Must-have Travel Apps

6 Must-have Travel Apps

Some people try to unplug from technology when traveling. But if you can’t fall asleep without checking your email one last time, don’t go anywhere without Google Mapping it first, and took all your photos with Instagram before it got too mainstream, then read on. We’ve rounded up a handful of the best travel apps that will enhance your vacations and even make waiting around in an airport more pleasant.

The Gate Guru App “is a new tool to transform the chaotic and unfamiliar airport environment into a more satisfying experience.” It gives you a good overview of an airport’s amenities, plus general airport info like maps and parking info. This sounds like a much more effective approach than my current method, which involves trying to sniff out the lines of deliciousness floating out of a Cinnabon or California Pizza Kitchen, only to settle for last-minute McDonalds, to the great offense of my seatmates. (App Store and Android Market, Free)

Where’s My Water is one of the most addictive games out there, with hypnotic qualities that make you lose time to a disturbing extent. A few months ago, I was playing this game in my apartment, and fell into a Where’s-My-Water coma, from which I emerged three hours later, never having even changed position on the couch, with no sense of how much time had gone by. That’s exactly what you want to happen on a 14 hour flight. (App Store and Android Market, Free)

“You talk. It translates. No internet connection required.” That just about sums up the Lonely Planet Phrasebook Apps, which you can download pre-departure for your trip abroad. Choose from  Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog and Iraqi Arabic. (App Store, $9.99)

Planning a cruise? Avast, the Ship Mate App!  You input your cruise line and sailing date, and it spits out deck maps, an onboard events calendar, port info, a ship tracking feature, and live webcams. You won’t waste a minute of your cruise! (App Store and Android Market, $1.99)

The Travel Packing Aid is a checklist and reminder app that will help you prepare for your next voyage, with customized lists for different trips types and activities. This is nice for the procrastinators among us, and/or those who have anxiety nightmares about showing up for a flight with an empty suitcase. (App Store and Android Market, Free)

The Pocket Travel Consultant is our city guide/ hotel finder app that’s exclusively for FROSCH clients! Request a login here. (App Store and Android Market, Free)